Happy May 1st! Hauskaa Vappua!

Happy 1st of May!⁠
Hyvää Vappua!!⁠

May Day is a big national holiday to celebrate work in Finland. On May Day, people flock to the streets, enjoy brunch at a restaurant or have a picnic.⁠

For picnic Finns mostly consume sima, a fruity non-alcohol drink that has been popular in Finland since the 18th century, sparkling wine, called skumppa in Finnish; different flavored doughnuts or munkki; and funnel cakes known as tippaleipä.

One very important detail to be noticed is the white hats (Ylioppilaslakki). It is awarded at the end of high school graduation and even though it is always white with a black flap. It is a badge of honor and used not only by students but also by everyone who has graduated high school and/or college on this day.

Vappu decorations includes colorful serpentine and balloons. Costume parties are popular for both kids and adults. 


Have a joyful and colorful celebration on this May 1st, wherever you are!